Softizy is a service company specialized in optimizing your PHP / MySQL performances.

Modern applications are now designed to run in the Cloud, and Websites need to handle a lot of concurrent users : they have to be WebScale.
Because your PHP code and the MySQL database are tightly interconnected, the approach of blindly optimize applications on one side, and the database on the other side leads to deceptive results.

At Softizy we believe the only solution is to optimize the whole application. This new approach is only possible thanks to our internally developed leading edge analysis technology, and our experience with high traffic websites. We are optimizing at the same time the PHP Code, the SQL Queries, the Database architecture, the chosen Engines (InnoDB, TokuDB, MyISAM, ...) and the System configuration. You will be truly amazed by the level of improvement we can achieve.

Once those optimizations are done, we stay at your side to provide the needed tools and advices to maintain your code at a high level of performances.


Jocelyn Fournier

Jocelyn Fournier

Founder & CEO

Jocelyn is a MySQL Expert, and has worked on large Websites over the last 20 years, including and Doctissimo.
He is a long-time MySQL community member and a recognised MySQL contributor, with a deep knowledge of the MySQL internals, especially the optimizer.

He is the creator and original developer of bulletin board, well known for its really high level of performances.